3 Best Android TV Boxes Under 50$

Three Best Android TV Boxes Under 50$. The escalating demands of this era have placed immense pressure on the human to think and create stuff out of the chest. This process of generating new products takes excessive time as their foundation is truly upon scientific theories and research. But the rising demands have a deep connection with affordability. If any of the company wants its name to be on the top must-have to produce pocket-friendly gadgets.

android tv box

Like this, in the world of IPTV, the devices used to connect the server with the user are highly important. In the market, there are many products whose efficiency is high, but the price also gives a shock to the user. So, in this scenario, the demand for having a budget-friendly product is utterly high. In this article, we will thoroughly explain the best three Android boxes under 50$.

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What is an Android box and its specifications?

We all are very familiar with the Android operating system as our mobile phones play wholly on it. So, the TV box used in connecting the subscriber with the server also has the same operating system. You will enjoy the same applications on the TV box as in the mobile phone or tablet. Before buying any of the TV boxes, some points should be kept in mind as this will help you a lot.

We will mention some tips here with a description.

Updated OS

It is the very first thing you should ever consider while buying any of the TV boxes. The operating system on which any of the boxes operates must be modern and according to the new formulations. An old TV box working on backward OS is of no use, while the current and up-dated TV box with the latest OS is the requirement. The updated OS will increase the rate of performance, and you will enjoy the best time. The speed of the new OS seems to be utterly high than the old one. We will highly recommend you to buy the latest product.


The storage of a TV box defines its credibility.

 So, the graph of performance shares its roots with the internal space of the Android box. The colossal storage will help the user to download many apps and play the 4K video without buffering.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You should prefer the Dual-band Android boxes. This will gives you a smooth connection without any disturbance.

These were just a few vital points that must be considered before purchasing any of the Android boxes.

Now, we will explain the three best Android boxes under 500 $.

So, the first one is:

IPTV BoxHK1 R1H96 MaxX96Q Max
OSAndroid 10Android 10Android 10
CPUQuad-Core A53Quad-Core A53 Quad-Core A53
GPUPenta-Core Mali-450Penta-Core Mali-450Mali-G31 MP2
Power SupplyDC 5V/2ADC 5V/2ADC 5V/2A

HK1 R1 Android TV Box

We will call this latest gadget the beast in the market of cheap Android TV box. This beautifully designed Android TV box has a 10.0 operating system with exceptional storage options, dual-band wireless connectivity, 100M Ethernet, and a lot more breathtaking features. This gadget is the best and pocket-friendly Android TV box. HK1 R1 is the boss of the town because its operating system is the latest one and gives you the smoothest performance. No doubt, HK1 R1 stands on the top list of the cheapest Android Box with this much latest features. You will enjoy the fresh IPTV streams as it can run such heavy content.

HK1 R1 RK3318 best android tv box

Unboxing Time | HK1 R1 Android TV Box

This Android TV box has a sleek design with a shiny texture on the top. The corners of this crate are a little curved, which gives it an alluring look. The glossy design on the top is yellowish-golden with HK1 RBOX written on it.

You will see the standard time on the front side of the coffer. On opening the container of the Android box, you will spot three commodities along with HK1 R1, a simple black remote control, an adapter, and an HDMI cable.

Remote Control

The remote controller of this Android TV box is wholly unique. There are just some general options on the controller like the power on/off, home screen, volume up/low, and channel changing ring with OK button.

Adapter and HDMI Cable

The power supplier of this box is a usual one, not a universal adapter. But at this price, a quality adapter is the best. It has the input of 100-240VAC-0.03A 50/60 Hz with an output of 5V—2A. The box also an HDMI cable.

User Interface

On the screen, you will notice the mammoth icons of the Play store, Mozilla Firefox, YouTube, and at the bottom, you will see the custom icons. The interface is fast and smooth. Its interface is two times faster than the previously launched product.

Some exceptional Aspects of HK1 R1 Android TV Box:

Latest OS

One of the bewildering features of this IPTV android Box is that it works on the latest operating system.

The new and modern operating system can enhance the performance of the device. It has 10.0 Android OS, which has built-in support for streaming. It gives alerts like: Update the device or apps. It provides the best results as the technology is the latest and the speed at which the system works is extraordinary. We will highly prefer the audience to select the latest OS TV boxes.

Solid Processor

This beast box has a strong processor; it is a game lifter. HK1 R1 Android TV box has RK3318 Quad-core 64bit Cortex-A53 CPU. This powerful processor can stream hefty content like 4K videos; the speed is out of the way. It is reliable and brawny enough to download any of the applications. So, you can stream any of the IPTV content. This chest seems like a perfect match for the IPTV streams.

You will not experience any of the heating-up issues in this latest version. So, you will never encounter any buffering or disturbance while using this pocket-friendly gadget.

Slayer Storage

This cheap Android TV box has a colossal storage space; it is like a big pool of features. It has 2/4 GB RAM and 16/32/64/128 GB ROM. It is mind-boggling. This much internal space will help you to download whatever you want. You can record any of the content as the storage is gigantic. This 128 GB memory is the latest and the needed storage; it makes this product the best one in the market.

There is an additional offer you can add an external source to increase the storage. The maximum external storage you can add up is 256 GB. So, you can stream any of the content + play any of the games.


One of the outstanding attributes of this IPTV Android TV box is its 4K HDR. Now, you will experience high-quality content with 4K HDR. The videos have a sharp and illustrious glance as the supporting OS and chipset enable the gadget to dispense the best outcome.

It helps in the smooth streaming of 3D movies as it has HDR10 and H.265 video decoding technology; it will aid you to enjoy the content with the best video and audio quality. We have to consider these stunning aspects. So, buying HK1 R1 will never be a disappointment.

Internet & Bluetooth Connectivity:

This chest offers dual-band internet services. The signal strength is fit, which ensures the sheeny content flow. You can enjoy the environment when the content is circulating fluently. It will allow you to connect the keyboard and other devices through Bluetooth devices as it has built-in 5.0 BT.

It will give you the best video quality.

Cyberflix TV

It is a movie application, and HK1 R1 has the best version of it. It is a built-in app; you do not have to download it. You can add this one to the home screen or can reach it through My Applications. So, you can have access to your VoD through this application. It also has a list of TV shows and series. There are 1000+ movies on this application.

Live TV

There is a built-in application known as Mobdro, which gives you access to Live TV. There are news, sports, cartoons, music, gaming, and movies, live channels. The majority are from the USA, but some are also from the UK and Canada.

Cheapest Android TV box | HK1 R1 TV Box

The price of this stunning device is 49.9$. All the features are marvelous. We will call this device a sea of numerous aspects. The most attractive attribute of this gadget is the price. We are going to attach the link from where you can buy this product:


Strength and weaknesses | HK1 R1 Android TV Box

HK1 R1 Android TV box has proved itself to be on the top as it can handle all the heavy IPTV streams and gaming. It can run all types of applications because of the 10.0 OS and 128 GB internal storage. Your streaming will not face any of the hurdle or buffering because HK1 Company gives you a reliable and up-to-date product.

Your downloading will go smoothly, and there will be no lagging.

We have seen a drawback of this device while playing a game; the graphics are not of good quality. Heavy games will place a strain on this item, which results in blur graphics and system hanging. You can play games of low megabits.

Overall, this gadget is the best and cheapest one for IPTV streams. We will highly recommend this to the audience. So, go and grab it.

Now, it’s time to discuss the second cheapest Android TV Box.

H96 Max RK3318 Android TV Box

H96 Max RK3318 seems a tough competitor. The race in giving the best quality and at a low price has some sturdy contestants. It also has a 10.0 Android operating system, and it has the ultimate power to enhance the credibility of the system. You will find the whole set-up more smooth and up-to-date.

 Apart from this, this box OS is the latest and modern. The storage varies as the price changes, but the maximum storage is 64GB ROM. It also has dual-band internet and 3.0 USB, which is ten times faster than 2.0 USB.

H96 MAX 1

Time to reveal what’s inside the box?

Here arrives the unboxing of the H96 Max RK3318 Android Box. This gadget has a black sharp corner body with a shiny purplish-blue design on the top. The front of the product shows the standard time in LED light. Along with time, it also shows the icons of connected devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any other cable.

The container has an adapter, HD cable, and remote control.

Remote control

The remote controller is the standard simple one with few buttons on it.  For power on/off, Home screen, volume low/high, and a navigation ring with OK button. For the air mouse, the navigation ring will help you to move the cursor.

HDMI Cable and Power Adapter

The power supplier of the H96 Max is a simple adapter, not a universal one. The power range is of 5V—2A.

It also has an HDMI cable, and there is a proper slot for it.


On the back, you will see the four slots for the power adapter, Ethernet, HDMI, and AV. Audio-video port will allow to convert it into Home Theater. On the left, you will see three different ports for 2.0 and 3.0 USB and a TF for connecting an extra SD card.

H96 Max 3

User Interface | H96 Max Android TV Box

On connecting the H96 Max, it shows the unique and modernized screen. You will notice big icons of YouTube, Google Playstore, My Apps, Browser, and settings. For a better experience, use ATV as it will give you trouble-free access and also enhance the looks. It will give the product a professional glance. You can download as many of the applications, because of its high compatibility. The Google Playstore works with extreme efficiency on this device.

Sheeny features | H96 Max Android TV Box

We will try our best to give an honest review of this product.

Robust Processor

This Android TV box stood second in the race of being the cheapest Android TV box. It also has the RK3318 Quad-core processor. The system is no doubt powerful enough to work for hefty content. Streaming IPTV will no longer be an issue, as it completely supports the 4K resolution.

There is a proper ventilation system at the bottom of it, and you will never experience any of the heating-up issues. This processor will allow the user to play games under their affordability. Some of the games are quite heavy and require a more sturdy system. So, for smooth conduction, avoid playing heavy games. While in the case of IPTV content, you will not experience any kind of buffering. This highly modified system will resolve your issue at this much low price.

Newest Operating System

Is it quite amazing to see that how much magnified this system is?

It is also an Android TV Box and has a 10.0 Operating system. This latest OS has the maximum power to deliver sky-high quality; we will salute the H96 Max for having this OS at this price. It will aid you to access the applications like YouTube at 4K without any hustle.


The reason why this product holds second place is because of the limited space. The price varies as the internal storage varies. It has 4GB RAM with 16/32/64GB interior space.

If you want to purchase the 16GB box, then it will give you vigorous time as it lags in speed and will result in buffering. Your experience with IPTV services will not be that much enjoyable. While the 32GB storage is preferable as the price also rises with it. The 64GB is the best. After buying the 4/64GB, your system will be the best one. It improves the downloading speed and will load the content faster than usual.

This device has to improve the storage space up to 128GB as it is the latest one.

WebCam Attachment

This stunning OS and chipset have given the advantage to connect the additional device. It has the ability to run applications like webcam, Microsoft teams, Zoom, and Google meeting class.

In this pandemic, this device helps you to attend all the online meetings. You will have better webcam results if it is expensive.

You just have to connect the webcam and then install the required application. It shows that the set-up process is utterly facile and convenient. There will be no hurdle and your home TV screen can serve as your meeting room.

WhatsApp Compatibility

This feature is going to blow your mind that how could you run WhatsApp on your Smart TV?

But this gadget has made this thing possible now you can use your WhatsApp through this device. There will be no lagging as it has the capability to support this program. You have to use an air mouse for this purpose. As it has already installed webcam, so you can enjoy the video calls with your friends on the big screen.


You can enjoy LIVE TV through many built-in Applications. Some of them give you free access to a wide range of LIVE TV shows. In these TV shows, you will see News channels, sports, series, and movies.


This little plastic packet has several features with high quality. It can deliver 4K HDR content on your screens. We all have easy access to YouTube so, H96 Max has left no stone in bringing the best quality to your doorstep. So, on YouTube, you can enjoy the 4K resolution as it is the best one if you have an HD TV.

Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth

This device also has dual-band internet. Both the frequencies and signal strengths are up-to-the need. There will be no lagging in streaming any of the IPTV content.

The headache of having buffering at every single step is now a talk of the past. Here, you can enjoy any of the content with a smooth flow. It has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity so, you can connect any of the devices like an air mouse, keyboard, or joystick.


Because of different storage options, the gaming ability also varies. On, 64GB a game of about half gigabyte or more runs surprisingly smoothly. One of the fascinating facts over here is that you can play the game via remote control. But we will recommend the user buy a joystick or game console.

It will double the joy of playing. So, playing low GB games gives you better graphics and smoothness.

Availability & Price

This is one of the cheapest Android TV boxes. You can avail of it from the given link:


The price is shockingly low. You can buy this budget-friendly box for only 36.99$.

Pros and Cons | H96 Max Android TV Box

No doubt, this device is the cheapest one with many features. People having an issue with the budget can avail this with no stress. This gadget is up-to standards. All the running features are of sky-high quality. The latest OS, processor, 4K HDR, and WI-FI connectivity, all these are simply stunning at this cost.

One of the weaknesses that we have observed while observing this is the storage issue. But we will hope that this issue will be resolved soon. So far, this gadget suits perfectly with the IPTV services, and for gaming, you have to consider some other box.

IPTV services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime runs in High definition. While YouTube runs at 4K HDR. It can handle all the movies, VoD, and channels with no effort. Overall, this product is for true entertainment lovers and has fulfilled their demands by giving the most latest and optimized technology.

Now, it’s the time to have the review of the last cheapest IPTV Android TV box:

X96Q Max Android TV Box

X96Q Max Android TV box is another cheapest and newly launched gadget. This one also has the 10.0 Android Operating system. The processor used inside this device is Allwinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53, and it comes with Mali-G31 MP2. This the first ever processor launched by the new company. It has the potential to work with Android 10.0 and is also being used by many nowadays.

The compatibility of this device with a quad-core processor has made itself a tough competitor. It has the storage of 4GB RAM and 32/64GB ROM. WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity are vigorous, which shows that the gadget is reliable. The newly built software can run applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and Twitter. In short, this one of the IPTV Android TV boxes.

Let’s see what’s inside the box

On opening the container, you will first see the X96Q Max box. This one has a different design from the other boxes, and this makes it unique. You will see a shiny bluish bay-blade-like texture on the top, which has X96Q Max written on it. It also has a remote control, adapter, and HDMI cable.

Remote Control

The remote controller is blue and has IR technology. You will see options like power on/off, volume low/high, air mouse, and navigation ring with OK button.

Adapter and Cable

Then there came the adapter with input 100-240V AC 50/60/Hz 0.3A with an output of DC 5V—2A. It is a simple remote controller, not a universal one. It also has an HDMI cable.


On the front of it, there is an LED clock display like the previously described boxes. While on the back, there are slots for USB 2.0, AV, ETHERNET, HDMI, Optical, and DC. On the other side of the gadget, there are two more ports for USB 2.0 and one TF slot for an external SD card.

Launcher | X96Q Max Android TV Box

X96Q Max has no doubt placed numerous efforts in bringing an exceptional launcher. There are big icons of YouTube, Google Chrome, Netflix, and Google Play. Under these icons, there is a small list of figures like Apps, files, Miracast, KD play, Music, and settings. My Apps has an already downloaded webcam and many other applications.

Some basic specifications of X96Q Max Android TV Box:

New processor

X96Q Max operates on a new processor. It is a quad-core based system, which shows that it will optimize the performance. Allwinner H616 is in-cooperation with 10.0 Android OS in this Android TV box. It has the potential to increase the speed of the system as it has the latest technology.

One of the issues observed in this IPTV Android box is that it cannot control the heat in the system. All the above-mentioned gadgets; have a proper ventilation system at the bottom of them, but this product does not have any thermal reduction system. We all know that if the system has generated excessive heat, then the whole system will collapse and will take some time to restart, or it will get stuck at a point. It will also increase the chances of buffering, and thus the IPTV heavy streams will not operate on this software.

Graphics Excellency

The formulation induced inside this gadget for better graphics is upon the Mali G-31 with a refresh rate of 60Hz; this graphics driver has improved the visuals with Excellency. The user will see the differences between the other boxes.

It will improve performance and will give the best quality.

Improved Space

 X96Q Max capacity range is 4GB RAM and 32/64GB ROM. It is wholly exceptional and up-to standards. A box with this space and at less rate is a blessing for users. You will now enjoy the applications of your choice, and they will download with much faster speed, and the results will be according to your will.

Webcam Facility

This gadget has an already downloaded webcam, and this will allow you to have access to applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google classroom. You can also click your photos and can enjoy them on the big screen.

You can also make a call through Skype and can take the pleasure of the full screen of your Smart TV.

No 4K HDR for some applications and Screen Rotation:

They have mentioned on the product that it will give 4K HDR quality, but this point is not accurate. This gadget cannot offer the 4K resolution to Netflix, amazon prime, and any others. It shows that almost all the premium streaming services will play on the 480p, which is disappointing. While YouTube can play at only 1080p.

But for movies and videos, the 4K resolution is available. This device has a complete grip on 4K content. So, you can enjoy the best quality.

Screen rotation is not possible in this device, there is no navigation bar, but you can download the one from the play store.


It is a built-in application. Its processing is the same as screen mirroring. You can simply cast the mobile with a box, and it will allow you to share the screen of the mobile phone on the big screen. It is a stunning application, and we have appreciated it as well.

WI-FI & Bluetooth Connectivity

This device has dual-band internet, which is good and it will give smooth video playing.

 Strong signals will enable a buffering free atmosphere. It also has 4.1 Bluetooth. It gives access to the user to connect with additional devices like a joystick.

Cheapest box

This box is easily available on the below website:


The price is budget-friendly. We will also mention the rates for this box.

The actual price of this box is 38.99$.

Advantages and disadvantages | X96Q Max

The price of this gadget is quite attractive and has placed itself in the 3rd position in the race of cheapest boxes. This system works well for low and manual activities, but for high-quality work, this system’s potential graph drops down. It has a working webcam and Miracast. This IPTV Android TV box also has a KODI free streaming service.

This gadget is cheap but has many laggings like its chipset does not show compatibility, no screen rotating, heating-up issue, and no high-quality resolution for premium IPTV services.

They have to improve the credibility of the device for better results as the expectations are utterly high. As the audience wants to accept the highly equipped device at a low price.

Final Verdict | Three Cheap Android TV Boxes

We have discussed the Best three Android TV Boxes for under 50$.

The HK1 R1 is the best and the cheapest gadget because of its exceptional performance and features. There is no lagging in it as it will stream any of the IPTV content. The latest and current formulations have made this gadget to be on the top.

The second one in the race is the H96 Max Android TV box. This device has the lowest price in between these three boxes and all the same features as beast box HK1 R1 but lags in internal space. Overall, this product is a complete package. It has a lot of fascinating features according to one’s desires.

The third device also has some extraordinary features, but it also lags in things equally. It depends on the user that how will he/she/other uses or have expectancies from the Box.

We have dived deeply into the ocean of this cheapest Android TV box, and our recommendations are according to the above list.

Go and grab the desired gadget.

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