Best IPTV Box for 2022 | Buzz TV XRS4500 Max

Best IPTV Box for 2022 | Buzz TV XRS4500 Max. Nearly every other person is now familiar with the role of IPTV boxes in our life. These once underrated, and underutilized IPTV boxes have finally made their place in the TV of millions of viewers worldwide. The value and signification of IPTV technology provide is surpassing our expectations every other day. Hence; nothing could replace slack cable service providers better than efficient IPTV boxes. An incredibly useful way to now effortlessly fulfills all your TV desires and needs, without any kind of disturbance in between. The countless excellent benefit of IPTV boxes is the main reason for their prominence and usage to such a large extent in significantly less time.

What is an IPTV box?

To understand what an IPTV box actually refers to, one must understand the true meaning of IPTV. An IPTV is an abbreviation of internet protocol television- which allows the display and delivery of all the media content directly to our television regardless of any traditional cable service. It helps in removing all the hectic in-between barriers between your TV and satellite plus ensures you a smooth flow of electronic waves (media) to your TV. Generally, An IPTV intends to assist us with its numerous useful benefits, making us feel the worth of this advanced technology. Some of these are a cost-friendly option, HD and quality TV time, free from copyright laws, command over a massive number of channels, and whatnot.

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However, the advantages IPTV technology provides can persuade anyone to opt for this phenomenal solution to daily life cable-related problems. Perhaps, there is two possible and highly approved way to opt for IPTV technology. One is an IPTV service, and the other is an IPTV box. IPTV service represents a team of service providers that connects an IPTV option to your TV and deals with your every query within your subscription period. In contrast, An IPTV box comprises an entire performance mechanism of IPTV and works totally independent of any physical assistance. Both of these options are quite viable and a generous helping hand to reach the aim of quality TV watching.

buzz tv xrs 4500 best iptv box

An IPTV service in recent times has seen to be receiving a lot of complaints from its users considerably, portraying the inefficiency of poor-quality service delivered to the users. Nevertheless, it makes the users annoyed and eventually loses their trust in IPTV services. Hence; an intelligent person always seeks more advanced and flawless options such as an IPTV box. An IPTV box- being a very newly launched device has proven to obtain vast popularity in little time. Furthermore, the increasing demands of IPTV boxes due to their high fame and benefits have resulted in the introduction of many new trending IPTV boxes.

One of such impressive yet today’s latest and trendiest IPTV box introduces Buzz TV XRS4500 Max. It is one of the most extremely functioning IPTV services that help you say goodbye to your cable service lagging. The modern advanced technology and exclusive benefits of the features present in Buzz TV XRS4500 Max make it hard for TV users to not give a try it. With so many new and exotic IPTV boxes present online for our assistance, it gets tough to choose one that is genuinely worthy. Well, if you’re in that state and looking for something unique and credible, then this article is a saving grace for you to help you make the right decision and be forever appreciative of the product.

Buzz TV XR 4000 IPTV Box Review 

Let’s just first take a quick overview of the background information of Buzz TV XRS4500 Max. If you’re a TV lover or have at least once experienced buying any IPTV box then, you would have most probably caught the loud buzz and hype of this IPTV box. A buzz TV is basically a product of the company Buzz-TV – (everyone’s TV box). It is one of the most renowned IPTV box producers that have won the trust of tremendous people present worldwide with their reliable and top-quality IPTV boxes. One important thing to mention here is that Buzz TV XRS 4000 is basically the updated version of the previously well-known BUZZ TV XPL 3000. The manufacturers have this time brought something very distinctive and incredible for its users that ensures absolutely no regret buying this product.

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The improved version of Buzz TV XRS4500 Max was launched in 2020. It is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for TV users who wish for faster speed and enhanced user interface in their IPTV boxes. Moreover, we were happy to know that BUZZ TV satisfied all the hype regarding the product justifiable. They made several significant promises about this new launch and fortunately fulfilled each of them. Buzz TV XRS4500 Max being a Hybrid 4K HDR Set-top Box with Pure Android OS, promises to give you a flaw-less yet pleasant experience of watching your liked movies and TV shows with no glitches at all. Here we will discuss each of the product descriptions in detail and hope it enlightens you plus solves all your queries regarding the BUZZ TV IPTV box.

Key features of the product

Key features of one of the best IPTV boxes are described below.


The first and most important priority of an efficient IPTV box is to win its user’s hearts and trust by possessing relatively good speed. Buzz TV XRS4500 Max guarantees its users the utmost breakneck speed with no lagging in between. Furthermore, it allows you to watch more than a thousand live TV channels and the latest movies at the same time in a one-go. Its advanced working system includes a sound speed operating and a modified 0S on the top, which makes it the most expeditious running IPTV box among many others. You would now not face any kind of irritating disruption or daunting buffering between your favorite movie streaming and will undoubtedly experience a smooth TV time.

New Buzz TV IR-100 Remote

This unique yet exquisite remote of BUZZ TV XPR 4000 is something that outstands it among the ordinary IPTV boxes in the market. This excellent tv remote has numerous helpful features to optimize your IPTV box smartly and efficiently. It has short extra added buttons for one-push shortcut inputs. It puts one at ease to run the graphic processor for controlling image quality and other specifications of the product. This remote is a great assistance to not so tech-savvy people and avoids one from any complications from using this IPTV box. The black beauty and vibrant color buttons with the name are an easy guide to aged people with less vision.

Backup and device storage

The most common concern that comes with using an IPTV box is the less storage capacity, but BUZZ TV XPR400 has got you covered here too. Its incredible internal memory holds a 4 GB DDR RAM and 128 GB storage capacity that allows you to download your desired movies regardless of its massive storage. This way BUZZ TV XPR 4000 also serves as an offline IPTV box that authorizes you to choose your TV time as per your comfort zone and watch the same content with the same quality at any time of the day. Moreover, BUZZ TV XPR 4000 also exhibits backup property that aids to save your complete data. In case you’re replacing your IPTV box with the latest version you won’t have to worry about getting your data deleted.

Connection stability

Being a live streaming IPTV box, the working of BUZZ TV XPR 4000 solely depends on the connection stability of the device. This BUZZ TV XPR 4000 has a 2.4GHz + 5GHz + Bluetooth 4+ wireless WIFI connection that supports the performance of high-quality media to your TV without any internet hiccups. Also, the speed helps you in navigation and optimization of different media platforms such as Google, YouTube, video games, etc. more conveniently. It has the perfect WIFI reception that is supported by the ISP plan, which helps in solving the minimal internet interruption issues.

Variety in content

The streaming services of BUZZ TV XPR 4000 is pretty great. There’s a variety of options to choose your favorite visual content. From all the outdated and poor-quality movies to today’s latest and trending action films, BUZZ TV XPR 4000 is your true companion in both cases. It has content related to sports, news, entertainment, horror, and many more to get your hands on. Moreover, a cherry on the cake is its exclusive perk for amazon users. It means that if you’re an amazon prime member, then you’ll be able to access an extra collection of these popular in-demand content. This content includes TV shows, reality programs, fun videos, kindle books, audio, and video content, etc. Additionally, for recording purposes, it has specific features to accompany you with this yearning.


The BUZZ TV XPR 4000 assists both the displayed and rendered meaning of compatibility. This black IPTV box is very compatible, lightweight, portable, and easy to carry, which helps you in hanging it to your walls too for a better grasp of WIFI signals. Secondly, this IPTV box offers high compatibility with several devices that are easy to be set up and work efficiently. It determines that you can now do multiple streaming on your favorite and reliable device. Some of these devices are Desktop, IOS, Android, Roku, Kodi, Firestick – all these devices are highly supported by BUZZ TV XPR 4000 and work on its mechanism.

Custom settings

What’s better than having control on your IPTV box and BUZZ TV XPR 4000 grants you that power. You can go into the settings and customize it as per your wish. This custom setting optimization helps you to run your IPTV more feasibly, get regular checks on the watch history, clean and dust off the excessive unsolicited content, comply with copyright laws, and whatnot. Custom setting is also proven to be great as you can restrict your kids from watching harmful or age-restricted content. In this way, you can get all your content in one interface and achieve a seamless experience watching the TV through this amazing BUZZ TV XPR 4000 IPTV box.

Additional features

Some more additional features that are somehow dormant but play a very crucial role in the performance of this BUZZ TV XPR 4000 are as follows. From its appearance to its results, this whole IPTV box is a perfect product to give your TV a new life. BUZZ TV XPR 4000 tried to give an alluring look to the whole piece by coloring it black. It is comprised of a thermal reduction metal base that prevents the aggressive and rapid heating up of the IPTV box. With the help of smart LED light technology, you can quickly identify the active mode of the box. Also, it has an internet LAN connection and built-in dual-band WIFI of 2.4GHz and 5Hz that comes with an external antenna to help catch the vital signals.


The safety and security of your IPTV box carry immense importance for a protected IPTV service. There are numerous phishing, fraudulent and suspicious software and hacking personas to arise severe obstacles for you. Therefore, BUZZ TV XPR 4000 owns these OTA and android security patches that keep you protected and safe. Besides, this feature also updates you with previous and current interference activities of different software in your IPTV box. I think this is amongst the most helpful feature of an IPTV box.

Package equipment

When choosing any product, you must pay sufficient attention to the whole package and its mandatory requirements. Similarly, an IPTV box without essential and useful quality tools is futile. Hence; BUZZ TV XPR 4000 keeps an eye on this and ensures that they provide the best to their users. On buying a Buzz TV XPR 4000, you get a bunch of valuable pieces of accessories such as an HDMI port, 2 USB ports, one micro-SD slot, AM logic S905X2 processor, 2 Gigabyte DDR4 ram. All these get help this IPTV box to meet your expectation and give you a great user experience.


Using BUZZ TV XPR 4000 is comparatively more comfortable to use than other IPTV boxes. However, you may face some downsides while using the wireless setup, but those will be indeed temporary ones. Nevertheless, the overall performance is up to the mark. BUZZ TV’s ultimate priority is to contend with its customers and leaves a hallmark of their service in the IPTV market all around.

Buzz TV has indeed been proved successful in delivering something better than the previous version. The browsing and optimization of this IPTV box are very feasible and one that you can count among the best IPTV box. You can easily purchase this IPTV box with just a click of your cursor sitting in any corner of the world.

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