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The evolving world has its new demands, and we all want to see beyond the horizon. What’s next? What’s new? Curiosity in knowing that what will this venture results in, has made human to discover a new branch of imagination in which he is dealing with those powers which were far off from the casual thoughts. It’s not new this species has given his life to bringing new things. All this starts with artistry in mind, and this ultimate strength is a gift from nature.

Today we are experimenting and developing various gadgets. Internet is indeed one of the wondrous and thought-provoking inventions of the time. Several things are now working under it more precisely; the whole world is under this crisscross. This network has flourished some stunning twigs, one of which is IPTV.

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IPTV is an Internet Protocol Service and playing a lead role in the world of media. Entertainment has close links with it. IPTV has changed the traditional system of broadcasting and has made us fall into the mesh of thousands of channels and video on demand. It’s like a bag full of all the desired stuff you can pick the one which you find the most suitable. There are many streaming services working under IPTV, and some famous names are Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and many others. But you can avail of these by just browsing on the search bar.

But some services are accessible only if you have proper gadgets. These services are IPTV services because they need boxes or routers for processing.


Is there any need for an IPTV box? What’s its purpose? Is it a cable box?

There are many service providers whose content is only for IPTV boxes. These services want the user to buy an IPTV Box and enjoy the best content on their home-screen. How these boxes work is quite similar to cable boxes. For any particular service, you have to connect to the server, and he will provide you the content via the internet after subscribing to their offer.

Every second new technology is coming and bringing us to move into a global village. The demand for having more technologically improved equipment is the need of the hour. So, IPTV boxes are running hard in the race of providing the best quality at your doorsteps. Let us discuss the new model of IPTV box Formuler Z8.

Formuler Z8

Best IPTV Box | Formuler Z8

Formuler Z8 is a new invention of Formuler Company. This company is providing the best IPTV boxes and is known for its product quality. Formuler Z8 is an Android box with a 4K UHD resolution. It is the successor of Z7 as it shares some features with it, but Z8 is the latest device as it has extra features. In the world of competitors, Z8 stood out to be in a prominent place. Its manufacturing is thronged, with bewildering aspects like great speed, no connectivity issue, reliability, high resolution, and supporting software.

These all are the basic features and demands of an IPTV box. Let us see what makes it prominent and how it shows specialty in these features.

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Formuler Z8 is also budget-friendly, not going to put any strain on your pocket. It has some remarkable features like smooth streaming of mammoth content and has EPG to control all the channels and favorite groups easily. It helps in providing smoother video quality and doesn’t heat-up. These features must have to be kept in mind as they will allow you to have the information before buying any other TV box.

All devices have some benefits and drawbacks. Let us have an eye on Formuler Z8.

Some Attributes of Formuler Z8

We are going to list all those specifications which make the Formuler Z8 exceptional. There are many competitors in the market, but this contestant has some miraculous features upon which it has a different place. Let us discuss its specifications in detail:

Game of a Good Processor

When it comes to the efficiency of any device, we will look at the processing system of that particular gadget. Formuler Z8 has a Quad Core 2.0 GHz. The Quad-core processor is reliable and can lift-up the colossal content. It will not take a long time to stock and streaming the content; the 2Go DDR4 RAM installed in this device is up to the mark. So, the combination of a good processor and RAM has made this IPTV box a sky-high quality product. The audio and video quality is according to the required taste and desire of the audience.

 Most of the TVs in homes are ON because the kids are watching them in the morning, and at night the elders want to have fun. So, there’s a need for a device that has no heating-up issue. If a device heats up quickly, then its credibility reduces to half. Formuler Z8 has won this game of having a good processor as it can control things on a vast scale; moreover, the quad-core system helps in smooth running.

The processor is the brain of any device, a brawny and powerful mind will control all the functions and will help in maintaining a superior image in the market.

Leopard’s Speed

The speed of the IPTV box matters a lot. It shares some of its similarities with its predecessor Z7+, but they vary in the race of speed. Formuler Z8 speed is much faster than Z7+. The quad-core processor is playing the right game as it has increased the pace. It’s no more a hurdle for the user to download content. The 4K UHD resolution runs evenly on the screen without any buffering. The fear of facing barriers while downloading a high-class video was the talk of the past. Now, this issue is no more. You can download the content according to your will at high speed.

Because of this leopard speed of Formuler Z8, entertainment on a big screen with a lot more fun is just one purchase away.

z8 4k ultra hd

4K Resolution in Harmony with HDR

Formuler Z8, this IPTV box has more features than its ancestors. Although the previous ones were also good at their time, the new ruler is Formuler Z8. The aspect displayed on the top of the IPTV box is its 4K resolution. Because of this, Formuler Z8 is capable of supporting high-quality content. There is no issue with the picture and additionally in audio quality. It has a well-polished 4K picture resolution, with smooth internet service you will be able to enjoy the best service without any buffering.

The quality of audio also goes in hand with the visual one. It has an audio format of MPEG-1 Layer 1, 2, AAC-LC, HE-AAC V1 / V2. The well-designed system helps in maintaining a balance in audio quality also. Now, you can enjoy the content of high quality with no lagging in audio/ visual qualities.

This IPTV set-up box has a strong connection with HDR because this quality goes up to the sky. This upgraded system is admirable. Several efforts bring up this high-caliber IPTV set-up box for its audience. After using this IPTV box, the majority of people have said that Formuler has maintained its name in the market by bestowing the exact gadget, as mentioned in the advertisement.

Supporting Software

While viewing any product, there came many hallmarks, that how its software runs? And is it capable of supporting new technology?

As Formuler Z8 uses Android 7 OS, so the chances of having access to more streams are on a higher level.  We require that software in IPTV Box which manages EPG, VOD, and live shows. Formuler has its software named “My TV online 2”.

z8 apps

You will experience the best quality as this; Application is capable of delivering bewildering content with a smooth flow. You can have access to your desired VoD and channels; the EPG working here manages its work with full honesty.

This application is designed especially for IPTV services. The features these application holds are astonishing. Let us list them:

Grouping of favorite channels and shows will help you to have the direct command on the selected shows. You can create an icon for all your favorites, and from the first page, you can go through them.

 You can watch the show on a small screen while scrolling down to other channels. This picture-in-picture mode helps you to consider and go through more routes at the same time.

One of the most liked features of this application is to record the content. You can also record future shows in the case of not being available. Now, access to high-quality content is very convenient. You can never even miss a single episode as this application supports the tele-record on a higher level.

This recording stores mostly in a USB 3.0 flash drive/ remote storage. One thing in its drawback is that it is not capable of recording more than two streams at one time. But overall, My TV online 2 has substantial functionality. This software is powerful to manage all these programs and quite manageable with the latest technology.

My TV online two has made the Formuler Z8 more valuable the efficiency of this application is giving smooth flow even on rapid changings or on quick clicks on buttons. The function runs evenly.

Internal colossal storage service

z8 core features

Formuler Z8 provides internal storage of 16 GB; the option of storing the recording displays on the page of this application. For external sources, you have to attach some other thing. One thing is lagging that the internal storage has a fixed limit, and you cannot expand it with a USB drive.

External Aspects of Formuler Z8


“The first impression is the last impression.”

The very first look shows the worth of any product. We all can see the sleek design of Formuler Z8. The weight of this IPTV box is only 1.4 pounds. This lesser weight gadget adorns beautifully with the latest and modernized technology. The graceful design and shape of Formuler Z8 have already captured the attention, but it has many other accessories like:

  • IR remote control
  • Antenna
  • HDMI cable
  • Batteries
  • Adapter

Unboxing of Z8

We will also have an eye on these accessories, as they add more specialty in Formuler Z8.


Formuler Z8 has a removable antenna. You can plug-in by yourself. The purpose of this sensor is to receive better signals from the server. Back in the days, the route needs to be on a place near the IPTV box for better streaming. But now, with the emerging world, this concept has been changed. The streaming will go on without any disturbance, even if the internet router is on another floor.

This sensor will capture the strong signals so you can enjoy the best stream. It also adds up a glossy look in the design of Formuler Z8.

IR Remote Control

Most of the time, the remote provided by any company is of low quality. But Formuler has achieved a point in this scenario. This remote control has all the primary information on it, from How to set-up a system up to the particular buttons for IPTV services. The buttons are usually about EPG, Favorite, Group, VoD, and many others.

These buttons have many shortcuts, which is a good sign. One can easily access My TV online 2. For your special groups or channels, the remote control has specific colors for indication.

Unboxing of Z8

One of the captivating; features of the remote control is that it has a recording option on it. You can record the desired stream and then playback at any time.

The buttons on the remote control glow in the pitch black. It is a new feature in the family of Formuler. For some people with weak eyesight, it is good because in the dim light, it will be hard to see the buttons, and they add more charm to the atmosphere.

While for a few, they are quite annoying. People want the old version of remote controllers. It’s not a big deal as the features are outstanding. So the gossip on this little feature seems useless.

Some specialties of Formuler Z8

Processor Quad-Core 2.0Ghz
Memory 16GB
Weight 1.5 pounds
Resolution 4K UHD
OS Android 8 Oreo
Color Black

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Formuler Z8’s accessory and the most appreciated addition is the antenna. It helps a lot in having smooth connectivity. People prefer to have a connection in which their video runs steadily. Buffering in any video marks a question on the service providers. Most of the streams under IPTV show buffering only once in a while.

The antenna helps in maintaining an adequate balance between signals. There is no need to worry if you are unable to place the router and IPTV box close to each other. This extended antenna aids in bringing the best signals.

Well, in the case when you are watching a 4K video, it is preferable to place the router and IPTV box nearer. Previous models of Formuler were also up to scratch in the game of connectivity. There seems no issue with signals. As the world is developing, most people admire to have a fast and steady internet connection. We all are on the screen of a mobile phone or laptop for most of the day. So, even internet service is compulsory in every scenario.

Availability and Price

Formuler Z8 is comfortably available in the market. We are going to share the link of amazon. So, it will be easy for you to have a cavernous view of the product.

The price is 138.90$. Few audiences have an issue with the price as it is quite expensive than other TV boxes. But the qualities are exceptional. So, go and grab the Formuler Z8. One of the best IPTV box designed by Formuler Z8.

Comparison with NVidia shield and Firestick

We will discuss a short comparison between these 4K streaming devices. We will follow the audience to review people who were using NVidia shield and Firestick have switched to Formuler Z8 and have seen an implausible change. They like this new gadget and want to pursue their entertainment world further on this IPTV box.

Strength and weaknesses of Formuler Z8

Formuler Z8 is a new addition to the family of Formuler IPTV boxes.  The majority of the audience was using Firestick streaming device before the arrival of Formuler Z8. But, currently, most of them recommend that the quality they have seen after using Formuler Z8 has completed their desire of enjoying streams at this much ease and comfort.

This product has many stunning aspects. The application My TV online 2 is the need of the hour as it fits correctly with IPTV functions. The access of channels and the recordings are under its duty, and no doubt this App is up-to-date. The remote control of high quality is also appreciable. The standard of the product is rising daily.

Formuler Z8 antenna has changed the game. This light-weighted gadget is capable of having access to all your media. It is like a mini entertaining device on the table.


Everything has some flaws. We are going to share some of the drawbacks of Formuler Z8 as we know that Z8 has many similarities with Z7. So, the need for a more updated system was the expectation of time. Formuler Z8 works only for Android 7, but now Android ten is in the market. So, this is quite disappointing that evolving technology should be in mind while making the software. It was the major drawback of Formuler Z8.

But, now we will share some minor flaws like the internal extra storage is not available. You cannot record more than one stream at a time; Amazon Prime and Netflix are not operating on Formuler Z8. Some people have found the glowing mode disturbing. The higher price is also a big issue for a specific audience. Overall, the weaknesses or flaws are not that much as its advantages.

Customer Care Service

Formuler Z8 is providing significant customer care. For every issue, there’s a single website for each one. So, you can connect and resolve your query. We will attach the link for Formuler Z8 customer care.

Final Verdict

Formuler Z8 is indeed one of the best IPTV Boxes of time. A true IPTV lover can admire this product to a lofty extent. Reviewing all these details we came to know that the advantages of this gadget are more than the disadvantages. The final verdict is so clear and vivid that this product is up to standard. The price is high, but this Android box has some perplexing features. These features have a complete explanation above.

So, go and grab the product.

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