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Are you bored or fed up with the little TV shows and movies? And in dire need to have the best IPTV service at an affordable price?

Then, you don’t have to search for more. We are here to give you an honest review about this phenomenal IPTV service, this service provider is capable of spellbinding its customers with its enormous movie list at rock-bottom cost.

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This service’s name sounds a bit kinky, but its actual meaning is “The way of life.” Now, it’s time to answer the most asked question, why are Voodoo streams the popular ones?

Time to dive into Voodoo Streams features.

After access, you will exhibit a home screen where the options of LIVE TV, Movies, TV shows, Multi-screen, and Catch-up will pop out.

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19,000+ channels!

This is something beyond expectations. Furthermore, this huge figure has left us speechless. They offer content from all over the globe with distinctive quality.

Channels from Different Countries

There are about 228 channels from USA Entertainment, 192 from USA Sports, 119 from USA-local, 64 from USA News, 381 from Canada, 94 from UK General, 41 from UK Sports, 57 from UK Entertainment, 369 from Mexico, 943 from Arab, 91 from Sweden, 45 from Romania, 130 from Argentina, 186 from Malaysia, 160 from Netherland, 210 from the Caribbean, 309 from Russia, 260 from Turkey, 230 from Spain, and the counting goes on.


They have a huge pool of sports content from the international level—moreover, 500 channels from sports ESPN events. You can see any of the sports like hockey, cricket, football, and soccer.

Voodoo streams stand to be the best option for sports enthusiasts. You can watch and enjoy it as much as you want. This is their basic goal and policy.

24/7 Channels

Voodoo Streams offers 24/7 movies, cartoons, classic shows, action, and cooking shows, and this is a never-ending list for us. They have got a lot of stuff from a different genre. So, a big thumbs up for their extremely hard work!

Movies and Series

There are 25,000+ movies and 6400+ series in their bucket. This is crazy! All of them are operating and have a unique quality.

Quality and EPG

Voodoo Streams has stood up to the mark in the race to provide the best for its consumers. They haven’t compromised on the quality as well. All of the content is in HD quality. Besides this, they have an efficient EPG, which is a plus point!

Moreover, there is no freezing or buffering issue at all. This excellent provider has done a remarkable job! It’s time to give a huge round of applause for their devotion to bringing out the best.


No issue of compatibility. They have a friendly attitude with every device except MAG gadgets. But it’s not a weak point as Android users are in mammoth amounts compared to the MAG ones.


Voodoo Streams offers a 2-hour free trial. Furthermore, if you like it, then, on the same day, after the payment, they will activate your account. It shows how fast they are in providing their services.

The best feature of Voodoo is its pocket-friendly nature. A burger costs about 8 or 9 dollars, but Voodoo Streams offers a one-month subscription at only 11$. Unbelievable!

Final Verdict

Voodoo Streams is an excellent service provider. They have delivered the best from head to toe and are working with more efficiency to bring the best. So, we will super highly recommend this service.

  1. cannot find the URL for this service. I am using smarters pro 3.1

  2. Doesn’t work on Roku TV. Roku won’t let you add the IPTV Smarters app.
    VooDoo won’t refund your money.

  3. Very impressive. Tried the 24 hour for $3 and bought the quarterly package before the 24 hours were up. Bravo VD! (Wait, that didn’t come out right.)

    • Is there any way to get to customer service when they’re not having new orders? I have an account with them but I was kicked out of my email I’m good through next month but I can’t get a hold of them to see if I can switch emails with them any help would be great thanks

  4. Voodoo Streams has THE WORST customer service. They are condescending and downright disrespectful. Streaming service is ok, but it’s not worth putting up being belittled and treated like shit if you have an issue. My invoice went to my spam folder and because of this, I didn’t pay on time. They then terminated my service and would not let me renew. When I questioned it, I was dealt with in an extremely unprofessional manner. All over a measly $11. I would not recommend these assholes to anyone.


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