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Sportz TV | IPTV service provider | Fair Review. The group of IPTV service providers is becoming more and more substantial and cosmic. Every day, the addition of new systems is taking the romp on another level. So, it’s compulsory to review the emerging trademark. Without any further due, let’s dive directly into it:

Sportz TV

No doubt, the name of this service is describing its feature very well. But don’t stop here. They have added a cherry to the pie by adding an impeccable amount of diverse content to its list. Sportz TV is now the talk of the town. All of this is because of its mammoth catalog of sports at reasonable prices.


Sportz TV’s Interface has the same options as many other services. The options of movies and TV series have nothing. The only operating functions are LIVE TV, EPG, Multi-screen, and Catch-up. Its relation is more with sports, so there’s no need to criticize the empty portion of VoD or series.


The cardinality of channels is 6000+, which is quite impressive. The leading routes are from the USA, UK, and Canada. It gives you access to 104 International sports channels with premium ones. The diversity doesn’t end here. So, it’s time to have the sight on the number of routes from other countries. It has 103 channels from Australia/ NZ, 92 from Africa, 469 from Arab, 12 from Armenia, 40 from Belgium, four from China, and many others.

There are seven religious channels also. This heterogeneity in the content manifests the kudos of the service provider.


All of the sports channels are in HD. But we encountered an issue of buffering while reviewing this service. Now, retardation in the service is one of the biggest drawbacks of it. You will experience this in few channels.  If you want a steady flow of content, then you have to see some other device.


Sportz TV shares compatibility with almost every device. So, there’s no issue in this aspect. The list of gadgets having harmony with this service provider is Android TV, Firestick, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Stick\ Box, and many more.


One of the startling aspects of this service is its budget-friendly nature. Sports or team lovers have the right opportunity to enjoy quality content at pocket-friendly prices. They don’t offer free-trail. So, you have to buy the trial to check whether this service suits you or not! As the number of connections goes on, the prices will vary also.

1 month – 2 connections = 9.95$

1 month – 3 connections – 14.95$

1 month – 4 connections – 19.95$

Sportz TV

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Customer Care

They are using telegram to connect with their customers. For this, you have to join the group. Personally, I haven’t seen it as convenient.

Because the most used ways are website chat, email, or WhatsApp so, they have to work on this category.

Final Verdict

This service seems like a midget bumpy road. Some of its exceptional features can’t be denied, like vast sports category and cheap rates. But the unavailability of VoD, buffering, and deficit of customer care acts like the bumps in its success. So, we will recommend you to use the service on paid trial firstly. And then have monthly access if you find it worthy.

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  1. This service is wack. Buffers to much and many channels of line.

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