Rock Solid TV | A Quality IPTV Service Provider

Rock Solid TV | A Quality IPTV Service Provider. Scissor, Paper, Rock. Yay! Rock is the winner as usual.

Dodging others in a competitive race and bringing the best is one of the most demanding jobs! Here, we are back again with another thrilling service review. This sturdy IPTV service provider has a lot of jaw-dropping features. Let’s fall into the spectacular pool of their special offers and boons.

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Rock Solid TV

First Impression is the Last Impression!

The incredible and catchy display of their official website has already gathered several fans. The landscape exposition of the heterogeneous streams has shown that they have a lot to show. Moreover, Rock Solid has presented every single detail about their service in a unique and well-proportioned way.


Rock Solid gives you access to over 12,000+ channels with HD quality. Furthermore, the graph of content quality and quantity is exceptional because they have streams from all over the globe. For consumers not to be bored from the content of few countries. They have a list of international channels. It would be wiser if we will present a short catalog of channels.

It has 1,054 USA from channels, 553 from the UK, 31 from Canada, 1,077 from Latino, 523 From Arab Emirates, 367 from Germany, 381 from French, 320 from Russia, 720 from India, 228 from Turkey, and the counting still goes on.

Besides this figure, they have maintained the genteel miscellaneousness, which is quite impressive.

It’s Movie Time

This IPTV service provider has 8,000+ movies and series. It’s mouthwatering!

On the landscape display of their website, you will witness the most watched and loved movies’ short clips. Additionally, this movie section has constant updates. So, the new items will be in your bucket in the same budget.

Flawless Quality & EPG

As we have mentioned above, all of the channels are in HD quality. They are excellent in-display standards. Moreover, the anti-freezing technology has added some additional bonus points to its buying cart.

We haven’t experienced any of the buffering issues yet, and hope never to witness them. The updated system is not only for streams but also for internal formulations. Furthermore, Rock Solid is maintaining hard to take its service on the top by delivering the best.

Besides this, the built-in EPG works with excellent efficiency. The exact date, time, and other commodities are in an arranged form. So, no shackles in this case also.

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Price Details

Firstly, check the trail. Rock Solid offers a one day paid trail. Furthermore, the monthly packages are given below:

1 – Month = 19.99$ (1 – 3 connections)

3 – Months = 25.99$ (1 – 3 connections)

12 – Months = 59.99$ (1 – 3 connections)

It’s a budget-friendly package. You can pay them through PayPal.


Rock Solid has a friendly nature. So, there is no issue of compatibility. We have created a list of devices, who share the harmony with Rock Solid:

  • Android TV boxes
  • Android Smart Phones/Tablets
  • IOS devices
  • MAG devices
  • Smart TV’s

And many more.

Customer Care

You can contact the service providers through these four convenient ways:

They are 24/7 available. So, your queries will have a solution in no time.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up the review, no issues at all. It’s one of the best service providers of IPTV. Furthermore, we haven’t experienced any weaknesses in it. So, grab it as fast as you can!

  1. trying to get hooked up why is it so hard

  2. they took our 25.99 out of account and never sent us a link to get hooked up.06/21/2021

  3. Sign up and no login info sent

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