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IPTV providers refer to unlimited IPTV channels that can be accessed on the servers of its service provider if you subscribe to their services. Different providers have different channels. You can subscribe to IPTV providers such as Resleek TV IPTV if you don’t wish to view your favorite channels on cable TV.

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You can also access over 12,000 premium live channels and 30000+ VOD content. You can also get 24/7 customer support.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • Free trial for 48 hours
  • PPV and major sports channels
  • A huge selection of international channels is available
  • Compatible with most popular IPTV Players
  • URL M3U
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Catch up
  • VPN Friendly
  • Not IP location locked
  • Telegram chat for customer support
  • Favorites manager
  • Support for external players


Resleek TV, as mentioned previously, offers over 12,000 live channels starting at just $14.55/month with their standard plan, and these channels are available to you for free. As a result, these channels can range in various categories such as sports, international, entertainment, news, educational, and many more to choose from.

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This IPTV service can even provide options for PPV, major sports channels, adult content, and many other services that other IPTV providers do not offer. Over 15,000 live channels and VOD options are available as part of every subscription plan. For those that prefer an electronic program guide (EPG) for their TV viewing experience, there is also an electronic program guide (EPG) available.

Payment Gateways & Pricing

Resleek TV offers several plans as part of its subscription program. You can take advantage of the 24-hour free trial as of today. These plans are priced based on how long the subscription will last and how many connections you make within it. At the time of writing, they offer four subscription plans.

  • You can access 12,000 live channels for just 14.55$/month
  • For 3 months, you will pay 31.23 Dollars for over 12,000 live channels and VOD.
  • The package comes with more than 12,000 live channels and VOD, all for only 57.30 USD for 6 months.
  • You get 88.59$ per 12 months with three connections and over 12,000 live channels and 30,000 VODs.

Register for Resleek IPTV

Please register for an account at their official website before you can use Resleek TV IPTV.

Scroll down to see the subscription plans. As their servers can be vulnerable, it is recommended that you use a VPN to register for IPTV services. Choose the subscription plan that you like. Click on Buy Now. The checkout page will open. Select your payment method and fill in the billing information. Then, click on “Check Out.”

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That’s it! Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered for a Resleek TV account. You have successfully registered with Resleek TV. Make sure to verify the email address you used to confirm your registration.

The confirmation email will contain account login information and installation instructions. Once you have installed the IPTV Smarters app on your streaming device, you must enter your Resleek TV login information.

How to get Resleek TV IPTV

  1. Visit the official Resleek TV IPTV website.
  2. From the home screen, click on the Pricing tab.
  3. Click on Buy Now to select a plan.
  4. Review your order.
  5. Choose your payment method. You can pay via PayPal or your credit or debit card.
  6. To initiate a transaction, enter your billing information and click on “Pay Now.”
  7. The login credentials will be sent to you.

Add Channels to Your Favorites

Resleek TV’s best feature is the ability to add channels to your Favorites. This feature is not available on some Live TV services. You can add channels to Favorites in this service by following the steps below.

  1. Click on the preferred channel you want to watch and then press the OK button.
  2. Click Add to Favorite.
  3. A star icon will be next to the channel.
  4. Click Favourites to return to the channel category listing.
  5. You will now see your favorite channel in your Favorites.
  6. To remove a channel you have saved to your Favorites, hover above it and press the OK button on your remote. Then click Remove from Favorite.
  7. That’s it! This IPTV service now allows you to add and remove channels from Favorites.

Support for Customers

To get customer support from Resleek TV IPTV, you must first visit its official website, located at the address above. Suppose you wish to chat with a customer support representative on Telegram. In that case, you can click on the Telegram support icon or the Chat icon to initiate a live chat with the customer support representative directly on Telegram.

Importance of Using a VPN

You can ensure your privacy with the help of a VPN service, which is the safest tool out there. As a result of its high encryption level, VPN provides the safest path for your internet connection by encrypting all your outgoing and incoming data. At the same time, it transmits it to its encrypted servers. Therefore, streaming IPTV channels over the internet can expose your personal information, contaminating your privacy. As a result, you should establish a VPN connection with the best available one, such as CyberGhost VPN and ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Resleek IPTV – Android Devices

  • Open the Google Play Store for Android.
  • You can search for IPTV Smarters to find the exact application.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Next, open the IPTV Smarters.
  • To stream live TV channels, enter the Xtreme Code API from ResleekTV IPTV.


What is Resleek TV?

IPTV provider Resleek TV offers decently priced live channels as part of its IPTV service.

What channels does Resleek TV offer?

There are more than 12,000 channels available in this IPTV service in various categories, as well as 30,000 options for VOD viewing.

How much does Resleek TV cost?

A standard IPTV plan, which includes three connections, can be purchased for less than $14.55 a month, which is very affordable. They also offer additional plans if you need them.

What devices can the IPTV service be installed on?

You can watch your favorite TV shows on any Android phone or tablet using this IPTV service. This offer will include all Android devices, including Fire TV, Firestick, and the Amazon Fire TV stick.


As far as server maintenance is concerned, Resleek IPTV is very well organized. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about being interrupted during your entertainment. It is also interesting to note that there is a free update system for the channel lineups, which are free. If you have any problems with it, don’t worry about anything because the customer support team will guide you to the core to rectify the problem and get you back to the entertainment zone as soon as possible.

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