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Necro IPTV Service Provider. Today we review one of the big Premium IPTV providers Necro IPTV which specializes in some of the best and stable streams for a range of countries but also PPV which makes it one of the best providers out there.

Necro IPTV 3
2 Streams Simultaneously

Unlike most providers Necro IPTV allows you to use two devices at the same time, so at the time of testing, we were streaming on our iPhone 12 Pro using an app off the App store as well we using it on our Fire Stick. We found no problems with both being used at the same time, this makes it perfect for when I wanted to watch football and she wanted to watch a movie.

Good Collection of Channels

In terms of content range, we found Necro IPTV had a good range of channels. It had an extensive library from the UK with multiple mirror streams for Movies, Sports broadcasting at HD, and even FHD. They also had the same extensive library for Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Arabic Countries, USA, Canada, Netherlands, and Portugal. This meant we had a full range of football streams but also a good range of Cricket, NFL, PPV, and Racing streams.
When we review content, we look not only at the range but the bitrate and quality of the streams and found Necro IPTV has a range of premium and bandwidth-rich streams which made viewing easy and pleasant.

VPN Allowed

Another area Necro IPTV excels at is security, many providers are conflicted on allowing VPN. Necro IPTV allows the use of VPN’s and actively encourages it to prevent issues with certain ISPs.

Apart from testing the service, we decided to test its support as a service is only as good as its support. Of all the IPTV’s around, Necro steals the crown for its support, not only is it responsive, you do get genuinely great advice and support, in fact, they helped me with an issue on my Perfect Player app which was not there problem. The support alone is worth more than the service fee.

Packages & Payment Gateways

We finally come on to pricing, at the time of the review the pricing was

3-days trial = 3.99 Euros

1-month – €11.99

3-months – €25.99

6-months – €44.99

12-months – €79.99

The pricing structure is clearly designed to give you a better discount the longer you commit. It allows payment through Card, Bitcoin, and seems to allow Paypal to exist clients. We found both the pricing structure and payment methods easy to use but also good value.

Final Verdict

In summary, we would say the pros are an excellent range of channels, great stability and we experienced no buffering or downtime during our trial. Support was excellent but the community support is an added bonus. The team was responsive to our questions and fixed any issues highlighted. The only area of improvement would be its Catchup / Series which were not as large as we would have hoped but don’t let this put you off from what is an excellent live streaming service.

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