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IPTV Gang | Biggest IPTV Provider with 30000 Channels. The word “Gang” used in this service name emphasizes the gauge of content it has. They have all those glittering aspects that are the constant demand of the audience. Another enchanting attribute is the cheap availability of this service. If we have a juxtaposing of IPTV Gang with other services then this service holds a strong position.

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Coming towards the short but detailed review of IPTV Gang:

Number of Channels & VoD

IPTV Gang hands over you more than 30,000 channels from a single subscription. Adding cherry to pie, the cardinality of channels includes the premium routes as well. So, the deal is not bad.

It’s time to give an electric shock to you by relieving the number of LIVE TV channels. The heterogeneous content feels like a bolt from the blue. There are about 17,000 LIVE TV shows. In most of the services, the routes are from the USA, UK, and Canada. The expanded content is from all over the globe like:

There are 167 channels from Croatia, 87 from Norway, 111 from Sweden, 80 from Denmark, 115 from Bulgaria, 370 from Russia, 412 from Canada EN, 170 from the UK general. The list doesn’t end here. It also has a wide variety of content from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the USA, and many more.

VoD and TV series

The wish of watching movies on quotidian is a reality now. So, you can contemplate films from any part of the world. All of this is because of 100,000+ movies in their bag.

There are more than 1000 premium sports channels like World Cup, BT sport, NHL, NBA, NFL Sunday Ticket, and many more. The premium channels for boxing are WWE, MMA, Boxing, and others.

Quality & Compatibility with devices

They haven’t compromised on the quality of the content. The picture or movies you will inspect will be in HD, SD, or FHD. So, the quality and quantity go hand-in-hand with each other.

Sometimes, the user experiences the problem of not having an affinity with the device. But IPTV Gang has harmony with the bulk of devices like Android TV box, Android Phone, Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, Mag Box, Enigma, Samsung Smart TV, and many more.

Price and Payment

We will recommend you to enjoy the 24-hour trial of two euros. It will help you in making a wise decision.

The packages they offer are budget-friendly. You can have access to more than one device, but the price will vary in that scenario.

Let’s check the prices with only one connection

1- Month= 15 Euros

3-Months= 35 Euros

6-Months= 45 Euros

1- Year= 80 Euros

Now, for two connections

1- Month= 25 Euros

3- Months= 50 Euros

6- Months= 65 Euros

1- Year= 100 Euro

For Five Connections

1- Month= 55 Euros

3- Months= 80 Euros

6- Months= 145 Euros

1- Year= 199 Euros

You can make the payment through PayPal, Crypto-currencies, and from Credit Card 3D the need of Secure Authentication is a must.

Customer Care

Customer care is bewildering. The FAQ portion on their website has all the desired answers for your queries. But there are three different mediums where you can also share the issue. Let’s list them:


It’s a brimming package of fun. You don’t have to stress out yourself on anything. Just trust IPTV Gang and have access as soon as possible. IPTV Gang is on the list of our highly recommended services.

  1. Do you have all of the South African Supersport channels and the DSTV entertainment channels?

  2. Do not try this IPTV. It mast be a Scam.
    They say 24/7 support, that a laugh. Been trying for 4 days so for to get them to reply to my emails, they don’t answer the phone.
    I have lost money, but have now gone to another company, much better.

  3. No support, they don’t answer to WhatsApp messages !!!

  4. I ordered a package, payed my fee and now they say my email/password they have no record or me opening a account. I have tried to call them and they area joke. All they do is steal your money and give you nothing back in return. Now i have to open a lawsuit with my attorney and get my money back and more to cover my emotional support. If i have to sue them and close this company I will do this to them for being crooks

  5. They are fraud. They have one more site iptvfollow. They take the money and never respond.

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