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FalconTV | One of the Best IPTV Providers. The world of Television has evolved a lot since the last century. From its birth to its latest form, it has achieved several milestones. Previously, traditional broadcasting was the most admired commodity. But, now people want to live in the most updated world. For this purpose, IPTV came into being and has changed the general perspective of broadcasting. IPTV stands for Internet protocol television; the only medium used to transmit data is the Internet.

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As many IPTV service providers are offering their services to the audience. But, all of them don’t stand on the level of being the best. After standing on some of the particular standards of the IPTV, the services become the best ones. Let’s list them:

  • A trustworthy provider
  • Have a sufficient amount of content
  • No compromise on quality
  • Legal and diversified streams
  • Reliable service
  • Latest collection of movies and TV shows
  • Compatibility
  • Budget-Friendly
  • 24/7 customer care availability

Here, we will shed some light on the most favored and best IPTV service.


FalconTV is one of the best IPTV service providers. Like the bird Falcon, this streaming service knows how to attract an audience. Moreover, they have this quote on a serious note that:

“The first impression is the last impression.”

On just reviewing their official website, the customer will have the proper knowledge about every single thing. From the cardinality of channels to the pricing and customer care, they have displayed every single detail. It has blogs and YouTube videos for proper understanding. So, a simple glimpse on falcontv.me simply shows the credibility of this service. But, here, we will dive completely to see all of its striking features.

Before moving on, let’s give FalconTV a plus point for its unique website. Time to dive into its startling features:

Bountiful Channels

Before buying any of the services, the first question that comes to mind is, how many channels does it have?

So, there are about 4,000+ channels in FalconTV’s bag. This figure is quite good. But, here arouse another question. Are all of these channels operate properly?

Yes, all of them work without any hiccups. Furthermore, it has channels from all over the globe. The majority of streams are from the USA, UK, and Canada. As it also has international users, content from France, Italy, Pakistan, Mexico, Portugal, and many other countries is also available.

Therefore, FalconTV has covered almost all content from every other country to entertain its consumers.

VoD section

One of the most favorite portions of FalconTV is VoD. This service provider has taken the game to the next level, providing 40,000 Videos on Demand. Boom!

It has shocked us!

Another query arises here. Are there daily updates in the movies or TV shows are available in this service?

Then the answer is a BIG YES!

FalconTV has a daily updated system. They will add up the latest TV shows and movies in your playlist! Amazing.

Game of Thrones, keeping up with the Kardashians, Money Heist, and many more latest shows are available.

Diversified content

As, FalconTV has global content so, the availability of diversified streams is compulsory. It has covered almost all genres like comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, thriller, romance, etc.

Wait! There’s an excellent section for sports enthusiasts. FalconTV has many favorite sports channels like NFL Network, NBA Network, MLB Network, soccer channels, World cricket, etc.


After examining the quantity, time to see the quality of these streams. In HD and FHD, FalconTV provides all of its content. This image resolution quality is good, but they have to improve it more. If they have a 4k resolution, then it will double up the credibility of this service provider.

Designed with the latest Technology

One of the most giant stumbling rocks on the smooth road of IPTV is buffering. Many IPTV service providers have lagged because of constant buffering in their streams. But, FalconTV has conquered this obstacle; all of its streams are buffer-free!

Another query arises here. How can we trust that FalconTV streams will never buffer?

FalconTV is providing its service for a long time; it’s not a newbie. Furthermore, in this span, the authorities have never seen a single complaint about buffering. So, it clearly shows that FalconTV’s streams will operate smoothly. You will never experience any hiccup!

Moreover, a stable internet connection is required.


Previously, the people were paying the hefty bills of cables. But, now the scenes are changed. You can have an ample amount of content in a pocket-friendly package.

Here, FalconTV is offering all of its features for just $20 per month. But, before subscribing to the service, check the three-free day trial.

  • 1 – Month = $20 (3-connections)
  • 3 – Months = $40 (3-connections)
  • 1 – Year = $80 (3-connections)

You can have three connections from a single subscription. So, three streams can be enjoyed at the moment.

The payment can be made through these mediums:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Bitcoin


FalconTV has a friendly nature. No issues with any of the devices. Let’s check the compatible devices:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Android TV Box, Tablets & Phones
  • NVIDIA shield
  • Chromecast
  • FireTV

And many more.

How to have access to FalconTV on your device? 

FalconTV operates with the help of the NETGO application. Just following these few simple steps will lead to the access of FalconTV.

  • Open the app downloader
  • Then, type https://tinyurl.com/netgoapp
  • User code for file linked 59571396
  • Open the NETGO application
  • Type the active code

Now, you have complete access to FalconTV after subscribing to it.

Customer care

FalconTV has a firm grip on its customer care. 24/7 they available, so your queries will be solved in no time!

Final Words

In summary, FalconTV is flawless and one of the best IPTV services. We haven’t encountered any hiccup while reviewing this superb IPTV service provider.

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